Alan Rushton wrote: ‘The idea of a unit load for logistics was developed from the realization of the high costs involved in the storage and movement of products – particularly in the inefficient manual handling of many small packages.’

As a result, an ‘Unit Load Conept’ has been developed, where unit load enables  goods and packages to be grouped together and further on handled and moved more effectively using mechanical equipment.

The two main unit loads are:

  • Wooden Pallet (Euro pallet)
  • Large shipping containers

The challenge is to choose the most appropriate type and size of unit load in order to minimize frequency of material movement. Furthermore vehicle load and unloading times are minimized.

Typical examples for unit load:

And as you see Unit Loads are versatile usable 😉


The handbook of logistics and distribution management; Alan Rushton,Phil Croucher,Peter Baker; 2008


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