May 9, 2010


Company description:

  • About 3.2 bn € sales
  • One of the biggest German, international operating retail-companies
  • 5th biggest coffee producer in the world
  • Multi Channel retail system:
  • 45.000 outlets in supermarkets, drug-stores,… (worldwide)
  • 1.200 shops, most with Coffee Bar
  • Online shops for most EU countries

Tchibo GmbH sells coffee products as well as non-food articles. Beside coffee products Tchibo offers a  product range with about 60 non-food articles which changes every week. Due to their differing size, weight and packaging logistic has a high importance for Tchibo in order to allow a highly automated commissioning and consolidation. The company purchases every article only once in order to retail it afterwards as fast as possible. To fulfill varying sales amounts for each store, stores send their current sales numbers to the head office on a daily base. Based on that information the amount for the 2- to 4 day weekly supply is generated. All is supported by the use of MySAP retail.

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